HTC Desire – Full Video Tutorial

Disclaimer: Rooting/Modifying your firmware is risky. While legal to do, it can and will break your warranty contract. Anything conducted following the instructions on this site are done at your own risk. This guide is intended for informational purposes only.

(Thanks to @lyrical_links on Twitter for the Videos, and the general format of the guide, which was copied from the T-Mod site.)

Table of contents:

  1. Required Downloads
  2. Preparation
  3. UnrEVOked
  4. Backups
  5. AlphaRev (S-OFF)
  6. NAND Backup
  7. SD-EXT Partitioning (A2SD)
  8. RADIO and System ROM Install
  9. APN Settings
  10. Extras

Required Downloads:

These files are required to root your phone and install a modified Android ROM.

HTC Sync

Desire HBOOT Driver


Andoid ROM of your choice



Telstra RUU (Insert your phone’s Serial number located on the box or behind the battery, then download the latest version)



Before you begin, you will require:

  • Your HTC Desire and USB cable
  • A PC running Windows (Linux users may use the guide as well with a few changes, but I’m gonna bank on you guys being smart enough to know where those changes are :P)
  • The required downloads posted above
  • A USB memory stick, 1GB Minimum Size (Freshly Formatted)
  • A MicroSD Card Mounted in your phone, Freshly Formatted
  • The Desire must be set to USB-Debugging Mode. to do this, go to Settings>Applications>Development

The first thing you need to do is check the HBOOT version of your phone.To do this, power off your phone, and then hold down Volume Down+Power. You will be presented with a white screen, with some green text at the top. This is HBOOT Mode. If it displays HBOOT-0.93.0001, Reboot the phone by selecting FASTBOOT, then select REBOOT to reboot the phone as normal and continue onto the next section. If your HBOOT is 0.92 or lower, you must update the HBOOT by installing the latest RUU from Telstra before you begin. Please follow the following video tutorial, and then continue onto the next section: (Note: This Will Unroot existing rooted Phones, and undo AlphaRev, basically restoring your phone to an out-of-box state. this can be useful later if you wish to sell your device or take it in for warranty purposes.)

(Tip: You can also exit HBOOT mode by simply taking out and replacing the battery.)


First, Install HTC sync as normal, making sure all options are selected. Then, once HTC sync has been installed, go to Programs and Features (Add/Remove Programs in Windows XP), Select HTC Sync from the list (and only that), and then uninstall it. This will uninstall HTC sync, while keeping the drivers installed.

Next is the installation of the HBOOT Driver. Go back into HBOOT mode, and then follow the instructions on this page. (Disregard the instruction that mentions the EVO 4G.)

After that, reboot the phone as normal, connect the phone to your PC, (Make sure it’s in USB-Debugging mode) and run the UnrEVOked installer, reflash_package.exe.

UnrEVOked is basically seamless, however, here’s another video tutorial:



Now that your device is rooted, it’s time to back up your data. If this is a new phone, Skip this step, otherwise, go to the market and install Titanium Backup. I’d recommend purchasing the PRO version, as it allows for one-touch backups, but it’s not required.

When you have installed Titanium Backup, tap the “Problems?” Button, and tap the “get BusyBox” button. this will install the latest version of BusyBox, and restart Titanium Backup.

After that, tap the Backup/restore Button, and select the applications you would like to back up. Entries in white are standard Android apps/games. Entries in Green are System settings and data, such as Bluetooth pairings, Google account info, and your SMS/MMS messages. Entries in red are System applications, and are not reccomended to be backed up. To back up an app/data, simply tap the entry, and then tap “Backup!”.

Good things to Backup:

Bluetooth Pairings
Wi-Fi Access Points
[BOOKMARKS] Internet
[SMS/MMS PREFS] Messages/[SMS/MMS/APN] Dialer Storage
(These restore your SMS/MMS messages)

When you have have backed up the data you wish, exit the application, and then plug your device into the PC in Disk Drive Mode. Make a copy of the TitaniumBackup folder, and put it somewhere safe on your PC. (Make sure you do this, as the SD card is going to be reformatted very soon!)

AlphaRev (S-OFF)

First, Insert the USB memory stick into your PC, and then run UNetBootin. In UNetBootin, select ISO, then the “…” button to navigate to the alpharev.iso file on your computer, Make sure the Type is “USB Drive”, make sure the USB stick’s drive letter is selected , and then click OK. The program will install Alpharev onto the USB stick and make it Bootable.

When the process completes, Reboot your PC off the USB stick. To do this, you will need to modify your computer’s BIOS Settings to boot off USB. Please refer to your motherboard’s Documentation on how to do this.

Once you have booted from the USB stick, AlphaRev will automatically launch. Please make sure you have the phone plugged in and in USB Debugging mode, and then press any key to begin the process. When installing AlphaRev, make sure your phone has the screen on as you may receive a prompt for root access. If you receive an error of “Can’t open /tmp/cmdline” followed by repetitive “unary operator expected” errors this will be the cause.

Once again, here’s another Video Tutorial:


SD-EXT Partitioning (A2SD)

(Note: Previously, you needed to boot yet another Linux LiveCD and run a program called GParted to partition your SD card, but recent updates to ClockWorkMod Recovery now allow you to Partition your card from within recovery mode itself.)

After installing AlphaRev, your phone will automatically boot to Recovery Mode, Shown by a Black screen with either Green or Blue text. Use The volume buttons to scroll, the Trackpad button to select, and the Back button to go back.

Select Advanced, then Partition SD Card. Select 1024M under ext Size, and 0M under Swap, when prompted. Your phone will now partition the card. Once the process is complete, return to the main recovery menu.

NAND Backup

Select Backup and Restore, then select Backup. This will backup the phone’s system memory to your SD card, allowing you to restore back to a working ROM in case of a bad install.

When the process completes, go back to the Main Menu, select Mounts and Storage, and then select Mount USB Storage. This will mount the SD card (which should now be missing a GB since you partitioned). Access the SD card on your PC, Copy the clockworkmod folder to the same place you copied the TitaniumBackup Folder, and while you are there, put the TitaniumBackup folder back onto your SD card, as it was deleted during partitioning.

Radio and System ROM Install

While still accessing the SD card on your PC, move the Android ROM and RADIO ROM onto the SD card, and then select unmount on the phone.

  1. Select Wipe Data/Factory Reset, then Confirm. (You do not have to select Wipe Cache, as the Wipe Data/Factory Reset option does this automatically.) Select Advanced, then Select Wipe Dalvik Cache.
  2. Select Install Zip from SD Card, then select Choose Zip from SD Card. Browse to the RADIO ROM, then Select it. The device will then install the Radio ROM Image.
  3. Repeat Step 2, but this time select the System ROM. The system will take a few moments to install the ROM.
  4. Select Reboot System Now and wait.

First Boot time on a new ROM can take up to Five minutes, as the system needs to do a bunch of initial housekeeping before it’s ready to go. Leave the phone, and go have a coffee. :P

If the phone does not move from SPLASH-1 (The “Why So Serious?” Screen) after about six or seven minutes, Take out and reinsert the battery, Boot to Recovery (Hold Volume DOwn + Power, then select Recovery in HBOOT mode), and Repeat the above steps.

If all goes well, your system should now be running with your new Android ROM. Congratulations!

APN Settings

APN settings should be automatically set, however, if you need to manually reset them:

  1. Go to Settings>Wireless and Networks>Mobile Networks>Access Point Names.
  2. Delete the Entries that are there by selecting each one, hitting the Menu Button, and selecting Delete APN.
  3. Hit Menu, then select “New APN”.
  4. Input these settings, ignoring any that are not listed:• Name: Telstra Internet
    • APN: telstra.iph
    • Proxy: (blank)
    • Port: (blank)
    • MMS Protocol: WAP 2.0
    • MCC: 505
    • MNC: 01
    • Authentication: CHAP
    • APN type: default,supl
  5. Hit Menu, then select Save.
  6. Repeat Step 3, and input these settings in the second APN:• Name: Telstra MMS
    • APN: telstra.mms
    • MMSC:
    • MMS proxy:
    • MMS port: 80
    • MMS Protocol: WAP 2.0
    • MCC: 505
    • MNC: 01
    • Authentication: CHAP
    • APN type: mms
  7. Hit Menu, then Select Save.
  8. Reboot the phone.

You should now have Net access, and full access to all Telstra services.


HTC_IME Mod: This modified version of the HTC Keyboard allows for much greater control over how you type, such as smiley buttons, custom entries for the Domain (“.com”) Button when inputting web adresses, and Custom Popup delays to more quickly input special characters and numbers by holding down on the key.

Simply flash the zip file like you would a ROM (No need to wipe anything, just go to recovery mode and install the zip from the SD card), Reboot, then go to Menu>Settings>Language & Keyboard, and activate “HTC_IME mod”. To change the keyboard, long press on any input field, and Select HTC_IME mod in the input method menu.

Android Flasher: Allows you to replace the SPLASH1 and Boot Animation images to whatever you would like. simply follow the instructions in the forum post. there’s also a link to a thread with lots of different splashes and bootanimations.



  1. Hi, please help me. :-(
    I was trying to root my phone, then i get the following message “Error: Faliled to root. Is your firmware too new?”
    My phone is
    “Bravo PVT1 SHIP S-on
    Hboot – 1.02.0001
    Radio -
    Jul 22 2011″

    May you help me?


    • Hi there,
      If you’ve performed the gingerbread update then you won’t be able to root using unrevoked. I suggest looking at – It will S-OFF your phone, and install a recovery (say YES to this option) so that you can dive into custom roms. I recommend making a backup via recovery of your stock rom before you start flashing, just to be sure :)


  2. Finished everything and all working ok. but I didn’t notice any part to finish partitioning the sdcard. my card is (i think) 2 Gb and I seem to be only using half of it according to the instructions (1024 and 0Mb swap).

    can you explain please

    • The 1024 GB ext partition is used by Android. The rest (the Fat partition) is available as extra storage for music, downloads etc.

  3. Hi

    Amazing guide – thanks. Ready to jump into rooting my desire straight away. I’m in the UK on T-mobile though and can’t find straightforward info about RUU process over here.

    Any tips?


    • Not sure what you are asking – is this what you are after:

      • Hi Talbess,

        Yes. I want to make sure I’ve got the right ROM and RUU ready as per the instructions above, but not 100% sure what I’m looking for on the HTC UK site or

        I’ve got a Desire on Froyo.

        Please can you recommend a specific ROM and RUU for me to go with?

        Thanks again for your help

        • First of all, you only need the RUU if you ever want to return your phone to stock out-of-the-box configuration. It seems your ROM is later than any of those on XDA, so I would suggest that this ROM: RUU_Bravo_TMO_UK_1.21.110.4_Radio_32.36.00.28U_4.0 6.00.02_2_release_127570_signed.exe
          would be suitable to return your phone to stock, but if you flash this, then do an update to the ROM after flashing the RUU to put the phone back to where it is now.

          To root and install the custom ROM on your phone, don’t just rely on the video. Start here: and read it all before doing anything

          Finally, I suggest you try this link for the actual rooting step as it is quicker and easier and does rooting and S-OFF in one step. Skip over the first half and start reading at the heading “Gaining S-OFF Using Revolutionary: S-OFF & Recovery Tool”

          Good Luck!

  4. …and I have another question:
    Ive run Android Flasher & changed the splash screen, is there any way to change the next bit of that where the Leedroid stuff & the annoying r2d2 noise happens?

    • They are burnt in the rom, you can pull them out/change them but it takes a bit more experience – try reading this and the included links:

      • Thanks for the reply, I did a whole lot of googling & found the UOT kitchen, which made it o-so-simple to change that bootanimation [and the battery notification icon, and a few other things].
        Ive had this phone for over a year but its feeling like Ive got a whole new phone – Im suspecting this modding lark could become addictive?

  5. Hi & thanx for this guide, as a first timer its been great!

    Ive just followed all the excellent instructions and its all working fine – but when I go into titanium & look at the storage info, this is what I have:

    System ROM : 262 MB [37.1 MB free]
    Internal: 154 MB [99.6 MB free]
    SD card: 14.8 GB [12.1 GB free]
    SD card (a2sd): 959MB [827 MB free]

    so does this mean that a2sd isnt working properly, or is this how its meant to be?
    apologies for the newbie question!
    whats the best way to go about freeing up internal memory from here?

  6. I just went through the instructions and installed T-Mod LeeDrOiD (1317) and it seemed to work fine, however I found that I now do not have reception or 3G. Have I buggered up the radio install? Help!

    • I’ve just had a further look and it seem as if this is happening:

      1) In Recovery mode, I can’t access/mount/the SD card.
      2) After a few minutes in recovery mode, it automatically loads the ROM. ie. alpha ref S-off screen appears, then the phone “turns on.
      3) When I try to connect to a network (I’ve got a Telstra sim, and when I manually pick Telstra) it says that my simcard does not allow this connection. It also doesn’t work when I click on automatic selection of network.

      I really need help on this so if someone can help me out please, before my frustration turns into anger, I’d be more than grateful. Cheers.

  7. HTC no longer host the Telstra RUU. Is this available elsewhere? I need to update my HBOOT from 0.75.0000

    The link to HTC Sync is also broken. Nice work HTC..

  8. Nice work! Expect a flood of new converts now.

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