AlphaRev for S-Off

AlphaRev is the final step in completely unlocking the Desire’s Security locks, allowing for /system access while booted, fastboot access to allow for installing new recovery images with a single command, Editing/changing SPLASH1 (The initial power-on logo), and Easy unrooting!

This tutorial assumes you have already rooted your phone.

Important Note: I found that AlphaRev WOULD NOT INSTALL with any Gingerbread ROM that I used.  My solution was to unroot my phone using the instructions here.  Others have found that flashing the following ROM allows AlphaRev to install.

F1 Gingerbread ROM (Faryaab) (1182)

More information is available on the Official Alpharev site here.

Required Downloads

Optional Downloads


You can either:

  • Burn the ISO to a CD or
  • Use The Universal USB Boot installer or Unetbootin to install onto a freshly formatted Fat32 USB Flash drive, which is already plugged into your computer and has been assigned a drive letter.
    For The Universal USB Boot installer:
    In Step 1, scroll down to the bottom of the list and select “Try Unlisted Linux ISO (New Syslinux)”.
    In Step 2, browse to the AlphaRev ISO.
    In Step 3, select the drive letter of the USB flash disk you’d like to create a bootable ISO on (Careful, if you accidentally select your hard drive, kiss your PC goodbye!), then hit “Create”.
    For UNetBootin:
    Run the UNetBootIn executable on your Windows computer
    Select ISO, use the  button to navigate to the AlphaRev ISO file.
    Set Space used to preserve files acros reboots to 0
    Select Type as USB Drive.
    Select the USB drive letter. (Careful, if you accidentally select your hard drive, kiss your PC goodbye!)
    Click OK.
    When UNetBootin finishes installing on the USB, select Exit (not Reboot Now)
  • Make sure your PC is set to boot from CD/USB depending on your choice above, reboot, and it will automatically launch the Alpharev installer.


AlphaRev is largely automatic. just make sure you have the USB cable connected to your phone and the PC, set it to charge only, and enable USB debugging before you begin.  When installing AlphaRev, make sure your phone has the screen on as you may receive a prompt for root access. If you receive an error of “Can’t open /tmp/cmdline” followed by repetitive “unary operator expected” errors this will be the cause.

Changing SPLASH1

SPLASH1 is the initial bootscreen for your phone. This Is the one that is either the Non-Animated Telstra/Carrier logo, or the white HTC screen, depending on how you rooted your phone.

Once AlphaRev has completed, You can use the Android Installer or SPLASH Flasher to create your own SPLASH1, or install one made by someone else. There’s a forum post that contains a library of SPLASH1 images created by the community (as well as some Stock ones) on this thread at XDA.


Thanks to AlphaRev, you can now easily run a stock RUU.

Simply run the RUU executable in windows, following the prompts, and this will revert your phone right back to it’s “Out-Of-The-Box” state, in case you need/want to start again, go back to stock, or if you need to send the phone in for warranty issues.

NOTE: ROMS-Au takes no responsibility for failed warranty requests. Running an RUU will return your phone to out-of-the-box stock, HTC and your phone supplier know that this is possible. Only attempt a warranty request if your hardware develops a natural fault.

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